11According to information from the report of the OPCW (Organization for the prohibition of chem. weapons), August 2015 in Syria terrorists of the prohibited in many countries grouping “Islamic state” have been used chemical weapons against their enemies.

According to the report, the victims of poison mustard gas, which was used on by terrorists August 21 in the city Marie, became at least two men.

It is underlined that there was one child among the killed.

According to earlier information, the OPCW has sent its representatives to Iraq, where they were to reveal the facts of chemical weapons usage, particularly mustard, by ISIS terrorists against the armed Kurdish militiamen.

The militants got poisonous substances from the Syrian war reserve.

In 2013, the Syrian government had admitted the presence of chemical weapons in the country, and then started to destroy them.

According to representatives of the Kurdish Autonomous region in Iraq, during combat actions against ISIS, their fighters were attacked with the use of toxic substances.

From the analysis of the blood of victims, it was found out that it was mustard gas.

American intelligence services have reported at least four cases of the use of of toxic substances in powder form by terrorists in the territory of Syria and Iraq.

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