Answer Of Russian Defence Ministry To Western Media, Spreading Lies About “Killings Of Syrian Civilians By Russian Airstrikes”


Russian Ministry of Defence comments on publications appeared in a number of anglophone media quoting some “doctors” of the “Syrian American Medical Society” concerning Syrian civilians who had been killed by air strikes of the Russian aircraft carried out against a “hospital” in Sarmin settlement on October 20.

Russian Ministry of Defence is carefully monitoring and analyzing such stovepiping.

First, it is necessary to tell about the Syrian American Medical Society.  This organization, which is registered in Illinois American state has as much do with both medicine and doctors as ISIS has to do with the International Scout Movement.

It is to be added that starting from its foundation in 2012, the organization was mainly used for publishing so-called “evidence” of using chemical weapons against the Syrian opposition. Therefore, the “agency” laid low after everybody learnt that all the “evidence” was a lie.

The real intended aim of such institutions is providing anonymous stovepiping for further coverage by the assigned media.

Pay attention to the fact that such agencies, which are famous for accusing the Russian aviation group of bombing of civilians just a week before the start of the operation in Syria, are working according to the same rules.

It is to be stressed that before eliminating terrorists’ objects, the information is being checked for more than one day and through several intelligence channels.

Only after having checked all the information and got a hundred percent certainty concerning the targets, the aviation performs a strike against the ISIS infrastructure using precision munitions.

The Russian Defence Ministry receives many requests from the foreign media concerning the Russian air group in Syria.

The Defence Ministry constantly presents the materials and provides explanations to the colleagues concerning different issues of the activities of the Russian aviation in the region.

There is a number of applications with requests for visiting the Hmeymim airbase, where the Russian aviation group is deployed.

The Defence Ministry is to continue cooperating with the media colleagues and organizing media tours like the one happened last week.

However, there are some unique applications, for instance, the one from the chief of the Moscow bureau of one of famous western media agencies.

Quoted: “The analysis of the informational messages of the Russian Ministry of Defence shows that nearly 80 per cent of objects engaged by the aviation are not under the ISIS control.”

There are only two things to do: first, to grant a piece of advice concerning being tactful and correct in such matters.

Secondly, there is an opportunity to provide the Russian Ministry of Defence with precise coordinates of the ISIS objects.

Especially as it turns out that the data is kept not somewhere in the Pentagon, but here in Moscow, in the bureau of one of western media agencies.

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