Barack Obama and Angela Merkel held the press conference on the situation in Ukraine

Today in Washington there was the joint press conference of the U.S. President Barack Obama and Chancellor Angela Merkel. A significant part of the communication between the two leaders with the press was devoted to the crisis in the East of Ukraine and relations between West and Russia.

On the press conference of the President and the Chancellor the leaders of both countries of course tried to talk about their disagreements diplomatically. But differences emerged still. Angela Merkel literally said that she will not be able to live in peace with herself if she does not do everything possible  for the settlement of the Ukrainian crisis by diplomatic means. She also reiterated that she does not accept a military solution to this conflict. Merkel underlined her disagreement with the proposal to supply weapons to the Ukrainian government.

But the US President has not said that a military solution seems to him impossible. He had said that previously – but not this time. Obama has said that his administration is considering “alternatives” in the case of diplomatic methods do not work. Among these options is supplying arms to Kiev. Although last week Obama press Secretary said that this could lead to more bloodshed. Now armed with Ukraine the U.S. Congress and a number of Washington “hawks” insist on Ukraine armament.  It seems that they managed to convince the President in the viability of this decision. Europe and the United States have different opinions on this account. Not only Angela Merkel but also other EU leaders have already spoken out against arms supply to Ukraine.

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