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Как зомбируют Украинцев

While a relative lull had established in the combat zone in the Donbass, the Ukrainian side wasting no time intensified advocacy work at the frontline areas. This time civilians aren’t under fire of the bullets of “brave” national guardsmen. Now a powerful stream of Ukrainian agitation and propaganda is flying to them designed to “brainwashresidents of Donetsk region remaining under the control of the AFU.

“Every resident of the occupied Donbass should remember that Ukraine won’t leave him without help!” — with these words begins one of materials of  the “Spetsvipusk dlya zhiteley Donbassa”(Special issue for the residents of the Donbass)  newspaper delivered for free to every home and apartment in frontline settlements of the Donetsk region being under the control of the armed forces. However, it is possible to retell all the content of these newspapers by  this one phrase. You will not find there anything but hatred of Russia and everything Russian and admiration of the “great and happy Ukraine. Sorry, it’s not true, because you will also find out that the DPR and LPR are gang enclaves, headed by Putin’s agents, and that people living in the self – proclaimed republics would give eye-teeth for  Poroshenko arriving, giving away candies and starting to rule them. And then they will live like in a fairy tale.

All this nonsense you have heard already but not people living in frontline settlements of the Donetsk region experiencing a real hunger for information. Russian channels do not broadcast there for a long time and there is no internet in rural areas. In such circumstances, newspapers are almost the only source of information. And people without alternative points of view start to believe in what they read.

The Ukrainian side took this advantage and started the active distribution of free newspapers in the area known as ATO. It should be noted that these openly propagandistic publications are distributed not only on the territory controlled by Ukraine, but also have been seen in frontline settlements controlled by the DPR and LPR for many times. The scheme of distribution of newspapers was developed by coordinators of the “Information resistance” group led by well-known Dmitry Tymchuk, with the direct participation of the SSU. Nowadays such weekly newspapers  get in the mailboxes of residents of the Donbass  – the “Narodnaya Armiya” (the People’s Army), the “”Edinaya Ukraina (the United Ukraine, the “Spetsvipusk dlya zhiteley Donbassa”(Special issue for the residents of Donbas) which total circulation exceeds one hundred thousand copies. The content of all newspapers is about the same: Russia is the aggressor, the militia are bandits, Ukraine – the country of dream.

The reason for this information activity – a banal fear of  that the inhabitants of the Ukrainian part of the Donbass, called “domestic separatists”, will finally refuse to support the “independent” Ukraine and turn their attention to the side of the DPR and LPR. However, these fears are justified. Today there are a lot of people in Ukraine who sympathize with Russia and fully support the self-proclaimed Republics in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions. And every day their number is growing. And that is not the guilt of the Kremlin, but rather the result of inaction of the current Ukrainian authorities irresponsibly treating their own people. Now instead of making life of their people easier the authorities spend a lot of money on the production and distribution of propaganda newspapers, hoping to distract citizens from reality by lying them. We’ll see what happens then.

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  1. with this president Ukraine canot join the European Union and NATO they will stay with Russia but they will not help Ukraine .Russia is only using Ukraine for theyr mtlaiiry base in Sevastopol .

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