ATO funding through prostitution

Experts believe that soon Ukrainian sex business will get features peculiar to this kind of entrepreneurial activity in Europe.

In the classification of Ukraine activities got the escort services, dating services, marriage bureau. “Escort services, dating services, marriage bureau” – these types of legitimate business are officially included in the new national classification adopted by the State Committee of Ukraine for technical regulation and consumer policy. The European economic classification of activities and products was taken as the base for it. “Ukraine is the active participant in the international cooperation in the framework of the European statistical space that facilitates the entry of our country into European and world community,” – is said in the message of the state statistics agency. – The need to harmonize with the international counterparts has led to the revision of the existing national system of statistical classifications of the economic activities”.

But still at Kyiv’s Boryspil international airport the coming tourists are met with the information booklets with service”Ukrainian girls”. Similar brochures are lying on the tables of restaurants in the elite districts around the Rada, the local Internet is filled with juicy ads for foreigners. Though the section of the criminal code for “procuration of women” is still in force, the consumption of paid sexual services in Ukraine is not punishable, and the interpretation of the term “prostitution” was excluded from the legislation six years ago. Experts suggest that in the near future Ukrainian sex will find features peculiar to this kind of entrepreneurial activity in Western Europe: taxation, period of service, trade unions…

So, in the social network “Vkontakte” there is a group «Благодійний аукціон побачень для бійців АТО», in the status of which is the following phrase “Vistaflame on Auken pobachennja, as welleach CCAW REC”. The essence of the auction is that Ukrainian girls exhibit their photo and contact information, under which young people of Kiev make bets in hryvnias. Those who’ve made the highest stake pays for a date with a girl, and the money are used to support Kiev’s anti-terrorist operation.

Here is the link for the group «Vkontakte»:

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