Video: 09.02.2015. Explosion in Donetsk. Factory of chemical products

On night 09.02.2015 the powerful stroke fell on the territory of Donetsk state chemical plant.

The residents of Donetsk watched a huge “mushroom” from blasts of the massive explosion. After the version about the weapon, there appeared the information about the place of fall of the projectile. This place was the Donetsk state chemical plant. Presumably experts say that the shot could be provided from the “Tochka – U” or “Luna-M”. All the inhabitants of Donetsk felt the explosion.

The energetic flare and the following explosion were seen by the inhabitants of the city at about 22.50 PM. The following after that blast knocked out the windows in some of the apartments. Many citizens also saw the striking glow.

The leader of the radical organization “Right sector” Dmitry Jarosz, participating in the military operation in the Donbass previously reported that the cause of the explosion was the work of the Ukrainian artillery. This information was confirmed by the Ukrainian MP and former Dnipropetrovsk Vice-Governor Boris Filatov. He said that the shots were provided from a rocket volley fire «Smerch», and while firing  “Ukrainian militaries didn’t  know what they were striking because they were working using the coordinates only”.

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