The Ukrainian army enveloped by the militiamen

More than 8,000 Ukrainian militaries are enveloped in Debaltsevo. The militiamen took under control the village Mikhailovka, several settlements along the route Donetsk – Gorlovka and Uglegorsk. Escape routes for 8 thousand Ukrainian military are cut. Those Ukrainians who lay down their arms the militiamen are going to release.

After the complete defeat of the Ukrainian forces by the militiamen during the summer campaign, it seemed that the General staff of the Ukraine Armed forces will do everything possible to avoid getting their militaries into the so-called boilers. But now a large group of Ukrainian soldiers and militants of the volunteer battalions are again in the shooting envelopment.

Just for one day the militiamen of the Donetsk People’s Republic managed to take the  full control of the key town in Debaltsevo – Uglegorsk. Now DPR forces have consolidated on the major intersections and positions in the city. Ukrainian law enforcers continue to provide local resistance. The city is under the control of the Donetsk Peoples’ Republic. This means that in fact DPR managed to close the so-called Debaltsevo boiler, inside which were enveloped 8 thousands of Ukrainian militaries.

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