Column evacuating from Debaltsevo got under fire

The column of civilians when evacuated from Debaltsevo got under artillery fire, no one was hurt. Debaltsevo in the Eastern Donetsk region is one of the most involved in the conflict between the security forces and militiamen.

DPR authorities said previously that they have evidence of that Kiev was preparing provocations in the area of Debaltsevo prior to international conference in Munich – it was planned to destroy the bus evacuating civilians from the Debaltsevo area with the artillery fire.

168 citizens were evacuated from the town, when it was reported  that at the time of departure from Debaltsevo the convoy got under the artillery fire.

“Ten or twelve shells fell somewhere in the 300 metres away from us. However, unfortunately, it has long become usual… We escaped at speed” – said the representatives of the convoy.


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