Ukro-Governor Of Lugansk Region: After Rostov We Will Start For Urals


The newly appointed Governor of the Kiev-controlled part of the Lugansk region Georgy Tuka reported about the new guidelines. As reported by the “Observer”, earlier Tuka had said that the Ukrainian army would take Rostov-on-don, this time he planned to come to Moscow and the Urals and “completely destroy the enemy.”

The head of the Lugansk military-civil administration Georgy Tuka, which had promised that the Ukrainian army will capture the Russian Rostov-on-Don, made public statements again. As the politician said in an interview, Tuka will stop on Rostov, Moscow and the Urals are in his plans now.

“The enemy must be destroyed, otherwise he will pester us. We will prepare. And what? I have everything already more or less clear with Rostov. Now I don’t know what to do with the Urals. Mountains, there are a lot to dig there,” — said the politician.

In addition, Tuka told reporters that he intends to make the Russian Sberbank “compensate the losses of Ukrainian citizens caused by soldiers of the Russian army”.

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