Classical Scheme Of Ukrainian Minds’ Manipulation

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People were brought to primitive instincts.

The staff of the candidate in deputies of the Verkhovna Rada from the Chernihiv oblast Gennady Korban, gives residents “grocery bags” in Chernihiv.

People from early morning get in line to buy a package of buckwheat, canned food, pasta, condensed milk and butter.

The headquarters of the Korban and the party “Ukrop”(“Dill”) calls such action “social assistance for low-income people.” But, in addition to pensioners, disadvantaged and disabled people in the queues could be seen many middle-aged people and young people.

In addition to gifts in the form of sack Lunches, seniors were fed by buckwheat porridge with sausage, salad and compote for free.

“Preelection” distribution of buckwheat in Chernigov ended in clashes with police.

Real hungry riot occurred in Chernihiv. In the city where this Sunday elections in the Verkhovna Rada would be held, one of the candidates started to give people food packages with buckwheat – there is no buckwheat in Chernihiv for several days. Police tried to intrude and blocked a car, which brought the rump. Then the citizens, mostly retirees, up to five hundred people, at first blocked the route, and then literally pushed law enforcement officers from the truck.By law, the police had the right to block the car. The fact is that in Ukraine it is forbidden to distribute food in the context of election campaigns. But this rule is constantly violated, and for pensioners, many of which teeter on the brink of poverty, free food more relevant than electoral law.

Residents of Chernihiv staged a crush for buckwheat from the candidate in deputy.

Assistant’s team of Kolomoisky Korban deals before the elections grocery bags. Residents of Chernihiv staged a stampede and almost got into a fight in line for rations from one of the candidates for people’s deputies Gennady Korban. According to civil network “OPORA”, the city on the territory of the 205 electoral districts, there are five tents on behalf of the party “Ukrop” (“Dill”) handing out food and hot Lunches. Up to 2 hours p.m. there handing out hot meals, after — food rations for the needy.

“In front of the tents in hours of the food issue long queues are formed and there is a lot of stress in the crowd. According to various sources, in different tents there are different formulations of food packages, in particular, can be: rice, buckwheat, butter, sugar, flour, canned food. Products are issued in the presence of the pension certificate”, — stated in the message of “OPORA”. Also note, that in Chernihiv will be held the election in the Verkhovna Rada on July 26.

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