Poland has become the main transit point for mercenaries in the Donbass

Poland has become a major transit point of mercenaries fighting on the side of the Ukrainian security forces in the Donbass.

“According to our data, the main transshipment base of mercenaries is here (in Poland),” – says the representative of TV station REN-TV.

REN-TV notes that according to its information in the sending of mercenaries to Ukraine in Poland is engaged, in particular, a company «Salvor», which appeared instead of the recently disbanded military company «ASBS Otago». “According to some data, this organization has hired mercenaries, who are currently fighting in Ukraine”, – said the TV station.

“Really a lot of poles are fighting at the Kyiv side in this conflict. They go there and join to the volunteer battalions as individuals, but the official Polish government will not confirm it, though they secretly help the recruiters,” says the leader of the ultra-right Polish organization “Falanga” Bartosz Becker.

REN-TV reports that on the side of the Ukrainian security forces are fighting mercenaries from other European countries such as UK, Sweden and Italy. Although the mercenaries say they get little money for this. “Now they pay us about $ 200 a month,” said the Italian Francesco Falcone, who had been fighting previously in the ranks of the volunteer battalion “Azov”.

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