Ukraine: Disquieting apprehensions

Experts recently attack Kiev’s junta conduction on Donetsk. One of the most striking features of this attack is condemnation of poor Ukraine’s force performance on Donetsk, and nothing about their war crimes, punitive action, and genocide.

In particular, American expert and professor of Global Affairs at the Center for Global Affairs at New York University Mark Galeotti, that known for his sympathies to the Kiev junta, announced in an article for Business New Europe, that the Ukrainian authorities completely lose in armed confrontation Donbass.

“Ukraine is doing wrong from a military point of view? Exceptional tea – determination is not subject to question some of the individual trying, the answer is: so far all wrong”, – he wrote.

Professor believes that even if the Russian Federation helped militia, this is still not enough to justify the military failures of Kiev, which simply must recognize its own military failures.  Because of the lack of meaningful strategy when the Kiev’s elite do not know what they actually, it is necessary: to surround and besiege Donetsk militia, or to restrain the militia, hoping that the political and economic pressure on Russia will allow them to significantly drop the front line.What is more, the inconclusive and fragmented actions of the Ukrainian military war waged by the Kiev authorities, resembles a street brawl stating, however, that does not know who to a greater extent responsible for this: the political leadership, or operational or military command .In addition, professor draws attention to another factor: the falling Ukrainian military morale. According Galeotti, inability to support it is a characteristic of major part of the Ukrainian troops.

Galeotti wrote that he don’t know why Ukrainian artillery shelled civilians: to «punish» them, and may be due to lack of skill and precision given to targeting».That is, an American expert representing Western mainstream, recognizes that the civilian population is shelled Ukrainian punishers.Incidentally, there is one important point that Galeotti simply cannot know. The fact is that all today’s Ukraine is American «manual control» unit. Moreover, all the «charms» punitive operations against the shelling of residential areas and infrastructure to volunteer battalions is a direct follow instructions American masters.Clear that the perpetrators of the punitive failure – American leaders. However, the defeat of Bandera is not necessarily identical with the defeat of the Americans.

There is every reason to believe that Washington does not need to end the war in the Donbass, even if victorious for Kiev. They need to this conflict lasted as long as possible, because it gives Washington an opportunity to successfully solve a number of difficult tasks achievable – such as strengthening the «North Atlantic unity», in other words, the complete subjugation of Europe to the dictates of American and drawing it into a tough confrontation with Russia.So why the American experts should accused the junta, which makes it all right? Which seems to confirm the idea that the Ukrainian society showed too low a margin of safety and a hefty obstinacy, as evidenced by falls through mobilization and growing dissatisfaction with the policy of the authorities.The arguments we have presented suggest – the Explosion is coming, the consequences of which can be difficult to predict.


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