VIDEO: Ukrainian militaries use «HAMAS» methods against civilians: AMBULENCE CARS for military purposes

In the video “the Battalion “Donbass” holds positions on the posts of Lugansk region” is clearly visible fully armed and equipped military moving throughout the territory of combat actions on the ambulance with Red Crosses.

The use of ambulances for military purposes was one of the main accusations of the Islamic resistance movement Hamas during the operation ‘Cast Lead’ in the Gaza Strip in 2008. Today Ukrainian punishers have adopted condemned by the world community methods of terrorist organizations.

The news video, posted on YouTube, immediately caused the storm of protest of Internet users around the world:

“Ukrainian TV channel TSN publishing video with Ukrainian armed fighter in an ambulance. They don’t even hide their war crimes”.

“Was für ein ungeniertes Volk. Ab 0:57 ist ein Soldat mit MG zu sehen, der ganz feist in einem innen zum Gefechtsfahrzeug umgebauten Krankenwagen steckt. Und die Kennzeichnung als Krankenwagen mißbraucht. Eine Schande”.

“What is happening in the South-East of Ukraine is a complete violation of all norms and rules from the part of the Ukrainian authorities, including war norms,” said the member of the Russian Federation Public Chamber Georgiy Fedorov.

According to the activist the so-called anti-terrorism, but essentially punitive operation had been overwhelming in the torture, humiliation, arbitrary killings, brutality, violations of the conventions about the humane treatment of people and prisoners of war.

The use of the “red cross” for military purposes and the use of coaches “Ambulance” are mass phenomena. This war has immense nature from the part of the Ukrainian militaries. It is impossible to ignore it. But all the international organizations and the EU have double standards approach to this issue. We see that they do not react to the daily shelling of Donetsk.

Military expert Vlad Shurygin noted that the use of ambulances for military purposes is ” best of a bad lot”: “Ukraine calls what is happening not war but “anti-terrorist” operation, so it is turning a blind eye to war crimes”.




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