Ukrainian commanders can shoot down their subordinates from now

In the Verkhovna Rada deputies of Ukraine registered the draft law, which allows commanders to shoot down their own soldiers. “With the purpose of detention of military personnel who have committed crimes related to disobedience, holdout or threat of violence, who voluntarily left the positions and locations of military units in the areas of combat mission, the right to use physical force, special means, and in a combat situation and weapons or to give subordinates an order on the use of such means, if it is impossible to stop criminal acts, is given to the commanders “.

Pay attention to the fact that there is the positive conclusion of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Committee on issues of national Security and Defence (Chairman S. Pashinskiy) applied to the bill. In the explanatory note to the bill is said that the necessity of its adoption is determined by the “extreme necessity of maintaining military discipline and order in the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the conditions of the special period”.

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