Ukrainian politicians demand to organize terrorist attacks in Russian cities

Ukrainian politicians and political scientists threaten by terrorist attacks in Russian cities. So, Secretary of the Security Council Turchynov has said that the explosion near the court in Kharkiv is the work of the Russian Special Services, and the Avakov Advisor, forever drunken Zoryan Shkiriak (the former mayoral candidate) said even that “Russian terrorists” are behind the shooting at the Editors office “Sharpie” in Paris.
The political scientist Oleg Soskin summed up these ideas on the TV channel “112 Украина “: If terrorist attacks in Ukraine do not stop, we should go on to sabotages in Russian cities”.
“Odessa is located close to Trans-Dniester where Russian troops are located, Kharkiv is also an important city for Putin’s thugs. So they try to infiltrate there their saboteurs who constantly destabilize the situation. If we had a normal Defense Minister, a normal Minister of Internal Affairs and a professional at the head of the General Staff, and if we had a normal President, these problems could be solved. Then we would just close the border including the Trans-Dniester region.
But there is another point. If Nalyvaychenko, State Security Service of Ukraine have proved that the terrorist attacks in Odessa and Kharkov are the work of Russian saboteurs then it is necessary to make the statement that if this attack repeats against our civilians, Ukrainian saboteurs will undermine the police Departments, Prosecutor’s offices, military bases in Russian cities,” – advises the analyst.

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