Ukrainian pastor made orphans starve for Ukraine

The pastor from Mariupol Gennadiy Mokhnenko initiated a hunger strike among children of the rehabilitation center “Respublika Piligrim”. The head of this center Gennadiy Mokhnenko announced the children’s hunger strike against the invasion of Russian army to Ukraine”.

This post was published by Mokhnenko on the page of “Respublika Piligrim ” in Facebook.

“In order to somehow help the soldiers, the defenders of Ukraine, we declare the children’s hunger strike,” – is said in the message.

The essence of the hunger strike is that its members for a few days refuse from the usual food and eat only bread and water. The money saved on food will be spent on the needs of the Ukrainian militaries.

“We (the undersigned) teenagers of Mariupol are starting campaign “Bread and Water for Ukraine!” Within a few days, we will not eat the usual food but only water and bread. The money saved on our food we will pass to the defenders of the country,” is announced in the statement.

It should be mentioned that earlier Mariupol deputies didn’t recognize Russia as aggressor, and “DPR” – as terrorists.

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