Ukraine became a pawn in the struggle of the West against Russia

In February, 2014 the power in Ukraine as a result of coup passed to small group of people who declared about the necessity to go on the western way of development, and to build the relations with the European Union.

It is necessary to tell that the President Victor Yanukovych overthrown by the Ukrainian conspiracy was also ready to go on this way, but  he considered that it is necessary to reduce before big financial risks for the country. In such situation it is possible to make a conclusion that the Ukrainian crisis is a question of the relations between the West and Russia, as the journalist and the political scientist Dmitry Babich considers.

“The question is not about welfare of Ukraine, it is about fight against Russia. Why the United States are so radical and so uncompromising? First of all, it is connected with the changes in the USA” — said Babich in his interview to RT.

Referring to works of the American political scientist Artur Schlesinger, the journalist specified that the USA go on the way of the Roman Empire which at the end of the existence ceased to consider the enemies though in something right. “As Schlesinger wrote, the empire has no opposition, there are only extremists, there are no armed opponents, there are only terrorists, there are no external opponents, there are only barbarous tyrannies which need to be suppressed” — said the expert.

“The USA don’t want to hear about 300 years of joint history of Russia and Ukraine, neither about the Russian minority in Ukraine, nor about concern of Russia on the fact that if in Ukraine the anti-Russian regime will be introduced and then Ukraine will go to NATO, it will increase probability of the military conflict between Russia and NATO” — Dmitry Babich considers.

Owing to the history Ukraine can exist as the uniform state only in conditions when different parts of the country have opportunity to agree among themselves.

“Different parts of Ukraine within centuries were regions of other countries. One of them was a part of the Russian Empire, now this territory captured by military operations, other part was a part of Poland, the third part lived in structure of Austro-Hungary. Such state can exist only in the conditions of continuous dialogue, parliamentary democracy which would allow to coordinate all interests” — the political scientist emphasizes.

But as a result of coup in February, 2014 this imperfect but democratic system, which allowed counterbalancing the West and the East of the country was destroyed. The East wasn’t presented in new parliament of Ukraine. “When there is no political representation, there is a question why the East has to pay taxes to the Ukrainian budget. It is very familiar to the USA as the American Revolution once began under the slogan “No taxation without representation” – if we don’t sit in the British parliament why we have to pay taxes in the British budget?” — Dmitry Babich reminds.

As a result of joint efforts of the European Union and the USA the system of coordination of interests was destroyed and now the destiny of the state is decided literally in the battlefield. But it is impossible to forget that every day civil war makes further existence of Ukraine as uniform state more and more problematic. The West supported radical group which as a result won a victory at the price of the hardest conflict within the country.

According to the journalist Babich, new elite of Ukraine — Poroshenko, Yatsenyuk, Turchynov and others — are the politicians of the most poor quality. “These people are very cruel. They have linked their fortune with the project for Ukraine — the movement to the west, the movement in NATO — and if the fair trial takes place and democratic parliament exists to them, there are a lot of things to accuse them of. Therefore they will drop the other shoe”.

There is no doubt that the Ukrainian junta in case of failure of their project will receive security guarantees in the West and will not be responsible for thousands of civilian victims, if they would still be able to leave the country.

“To look positively at those changes which happened in Ukraine for the last year can only absolutely ideologized person. Turchynov and Yatsenyuk are very cynical people. Yatsenyuk during the recent election campaign which he conducted in the Crimea, promised to restore various Soviet structures because he knew that it will be pleasant to people, and now he says that the Soviet Union occupied Ukraine and Germany” —  says Dmitry Babich.

Events of the last year have caused a severe hit on the economy of Ukraine: the inflation rate was about 20%, the national debt increased by 74.3% – to $ 63.29 billion. The tariffs for housing and communal services grew by 40-60%.

The dollar rose from 8.2 hryvnia in February 2014 to 15.8 hryvnia today.

Hopes that ratification of the agreement on association with the EU will immediately bring to Ukraine benefit, have not been realized as the Ukrainian business isn’t adapted for rigid European realities. Besides, it is connected with complexity of certification, quoting and standardization.

Following the results of early elections in the Verkhovna Rada the party of the president Poroshenko took only the second place in the multimandatory nation-wide district, and the party “Popular front” under the leadership of the prime minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk who became the leader and dictates the terms to the president now.

As for organizers of “Euromaidan”, the “Batkivshchina” party headed by YuliaTymoshenko hardly overcame a 5 percent barrier, and nationalist “Freedom” didn’t go to parliament at all.

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