The aim of the revolution in Kiev is the occupation of the Crimea by the USA

The Italian mass media, referring to the information got from the special services of the NATO countries, insist that “coup d’etat, performed in Kiev in the last February, had a specific purpose: neutralize the Russian Black Sea Fleet, located in Sevastopol, and replace it with the Fleet of the USA”. Given by the Italian mass media chronology of the special action doesn’t leave any doubt on that point.

On the 24 of February, two days after the president Viktor Yanukovych had escaped from Kiev, Valentyn Nalyvaichenko was appointed the head of the security service of Ukraine (SSU). He had been leading the Ukraine special services, when Viktor Yushchenko had been the president, and had been famed for giving to CIA agents a private office in the building of SSU and an opportunity to acquaint with the classified documents.

In 2013 the Ukraine State Office of Public Prosecutor launched criminal investigations concerning the traitor but didn’t have time to finish it. Bandero-fascists came to power in Kiev. And what a year ago had been considered to be a treason against the State was now called the struggle for democratic values.

Together with the CIA agents Nalyvaichenko had to coordinate ensure unhampered entry of combat ships of the US Navy in Sevastopol.

The head of the SSU Valentyn Nalyvaichenko had got before the order from the president Viktor Yushchenko for close cooperation with CIA. Then, choosing an “orange” president, the Ukrainians had also arranged euromaidan but for some reason they had forgotten what a fiasco it had ended in.

Before shipping for Crimea – “a farewell of Slavianka” in American way.

On the 13 of February, a week before the scheduled revolution, an aircraft carrier “GeorgeBush” with 90 airplanes on its board had left the naval base in Norfolk and had headed for the Aegean Sea. 16 ships, among which were cruiser “USS Philippine Sea”, destroyers “Truxtun” and “Roosevelt” and three nuclear submarines, had accompanied the aircraft carrier.

On the 22 of February, the day when Yanukovich was striped of his authority the group alignment of ships was entering the Black sea through the Bosporus. This action is a direct violation of the Montreux Convention of 1936 year permitting only naval vessels no more than of 45000 tonnage to pass Dardanelles. But the authorities of Turkey gave to the valiant US Navy secret permission to pass. Because it had to fill the Russian Black Sea Fleet bonnet in Crimea.

Certainly, analysts in NATO expected Crimea to “choose democracy” and happily meet star-spangled fleet.

However, inhabitants of Crimea, refusing to submit to the junta, had announced readiness to conduct a saving referendum on the reunification of the Crimea with the Russian Motherland. This mixed all the cards of the invaders.

On the 5 of March the aircraft carrier was ordered to turn on the Turkish base in Antalya and wait. Only destroyers “Truxtun”, “DonaldCook” and a destroyer leader “Taylor” was ordered to conduct reconnaissance of the shores of the Northern Crimea from 7 till 22 of March under the pretext of joint exercise with Bulgaria and Romania.

Bum’s rush.

Russian Air Force Command declared that destroyer “DonaldCook” had arrived in order to trouble array effect, connected to the Space center of the Black Sea Fleet and the system of military satellites ELINT operating in electromagnetic spectrum. This complicated system allows the center to get data from the electronic surveillance of radars and navigational systems of the US Navy.

Russian aircrafts had to block actions of the enemy destroyer: two SU-24MR aircrafts flew round the US ship 11 times on the lowest possible level using airborne locking system worked on the frequency 12-18 Hz in order to neutralize its radar.

On the assurances of the Italian mass media, Russian special services were sure that on the board of the ship were six groups of commandos, each of 16 people, ready for imperceptibly reaching the shore in order to conduct in the Crimea terrorist acts and create the atmosphere of panic among the natives.

Forcing fear and terror before the referendum had led to reduction in the number of voters and the announcement of the results invalid. To exclude such actions “the Russians made strict preventive control”.

In fact, at one of the websites of the Crimea was located some information about capturing Rumanian commandos as it was shown by the fact that prosecutor general of the Crimea Natalya Poklonskaya requested interpreters.

Finally, the Crimean referendum passed safely. 99,7 % of the voters chose Russia. “GeorgeBush” obtained an order to stop its mission and go away.

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