Kiev wants negotiations again

Kiev runs through brick wall to reconvene the contact group in Minsk, which hasn’t been convened since December 24, 2014, to restore the so-called “Cease fire”.

It is to be recalled that the previous round came to nothing. This is not to say that Kiev was eager to hold a new one.

And also contacts of military experts ended in nothing either, and then completely unilaterally Kiev came out of the cease-fire, having rained down a sea of flame on the cities and towns of Donbass.


However, everything went not the way the military junta wanted it. The offensive of the castigators, had bogged down immediately, almost before it mounted. Therefore, the defenders of Donbass, having moved up heavy artillery to the front line, previously brought out in accordance with the Minsk Agreement, not only brought the offensive of the chasteners to a holt, but they themselves changed over to the offensive in some parts of the front line.


Meanwhile, the success of the Armed Forces of Novorossiya are not so great, although some alignments of forces of the Ukrainian invaders are under threat of being enveloped by the enemy. And Kiev, apparently, having decided not to wait for the new Ilovaysk, immediately requested new negotiations and recovering of “cease fire”.


The desire is so strong that the representatives of the Kiev regime demonstrate remarkable complaisance. Thus, a spokesman of  the Ukrainian Minister for Foreign Affairs Yevgeny Perebeynis says that in Kiev they are ready even to the fact that the negotiations can be held  in the form of video conference.


There is nothing surprising in it – namely the negotiations saved the Ukrainian formations from the final defeat in September and saved the junta from a new coup. And today they hope to avoid the sad demise for them with the help of playing the game of negotiations and ceasefire.


However, the peaceful intentions of Kiev, to say the least, generate doubts.


It is to be recalled that Peter Poroshenko signed a long-preparing  decree of the conduction of the mobilization in 2015, which  in case of its realization is to increase the number of the Ukrainian Armed Forces for 200 000 people and call up for military service even women.


At the same time, Kiev is doing its utmost to achieve the recognition of DNR and LNR of being “terroristic organizations” from international institutions.


For the success of this venture, the bus near Volnovaha was blown up, 12 people were killed and 17 people were maimed.


As far as is known, the Ukrainian top officials did not hesitate to declare that the truce was used to enhance the alignments of forces of chasteners and to prepare a new phase of the attack on Donbass.


For this reason, a reasonable question arises: is it worth playing these games, especially if one takes into account how many new casualty of the military confrontation brings every day?


Does one have to hold negotiations with Kiev? Probably, yes. But at the same time it is not necessary to stop the offensive.


By the way, on January 21st the negotiations in the “Norman format” have finally been held and the parties confirmed their commitment to withdraw their heavy armament from the contact line. The matter depends on the implementation of the decisions taken. Too often they are not carried out.

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