Videos: Yesterday’s shellings of Donetsk, Konstantinovka, and Gorlovka





Konstantinovka: punishers have been launching something (or tried to shoot something), the buzz was heard through the whole town. The windows at the apartment blocks were shaking. The explosion was very powerful. From the Kirov area, in the Kuibyshev region the smoke from the mine waste was seen. The explosion was so powerful, that the house has bulged greatly.

16.06.15. 21:07 In Donetsk there was powerful explosion.

The Ukrainian punishers were providing fire in the direction of Lidiyevka, there were two powerful shellings. The locals report that the windows were shaking even in Makeyevka.

In Gorlovka a red mushroom cloud was seen, and the blast was heard.

Shirokino. There is intensive infantry combat in the city-line. Guns, tanks and mortars are working.

In the North of Gorlovka Ukrainian drones were seen, in the North-West direction the combat is thickening.




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