Ukrainian Troopers Go On Murderig Civilians in Maryinka


One of the war correspondent of NAF informs from Maryinka:
“Ukrainian troopers carried out a clean-up operation in the part of the town under their control on June 4th and 5th. At the moment the Northern part of Maryinka, which the locals call “Novaya Maryinka” , is under control of the DPR Army; the rest of the town is under the Ukies. The front line runs right across the town.
In the morning of June 5th a 52-year-old man was at home in Artem Street in Maryinka, when a group of Ukrainian troopers entered the yard – about eight men. The man’s wife went out to meet them. She had the passports of all the members of the family in her hands. The troopers started to inspect the documents, and then the master of the house emerged out of the cellar. The Ukies pointed at him their machine-guns at once and opened fire. The man fell down into the cellar. His wife nearly lost her mind: her husband was killed in her eyesight. He died from the injuries on the spot”.

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