Default in Ukraine: documentary evidence

“Cyberberkut” hacked  the Ukrainian  Ministry  of Finance  website: there is no money in the country. Hacking organization has published the documents of the external debt Department of theMinistry of Finance of Ukraine showing that the situation in the country is in a state of “financial and economic collapse”.
Hackers from the group “Cyberberkut” said that they succeeded in hacking the computer network of the external debt Department of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine. From the received  documents it’s becoming clear that the state is unable to service its external debt that “clearly demonstrates the latest significant event in the economic life of the country that is Ukrainian default”. The announcement can be found on the website of the organization.
The documents which were at disposal of hackers contain information about the structure of the state debt of Ukraine, the cost of servicing and repayment schedules.

You can download the documents here.

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