Ukraine to Attack the South of Russia

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Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and the commander of the regiment “Dnepr-1” Yuri Berioza which has previously been spotted on territorial claims to Russia said that Ukraine will regain Crimea, Stavropol and Taganrog although the Stavropol and Taganrog teritories always belonged to Russia. Turning to the comrads from the regiment “Dnepr-1” Berioza on his page in Facebook called on his fighters to prepare to parade in Red Square.

“We have returned to Ukraine faith in people and faith in Ukraine to people! We are on the East and won’t give up a single meter. You bet,” he said to the volunteers.

“Ukraine is praying for you and you will survive. We will take back the Crimea, Stavropol and Taganrog,” said the MP and added “Learn to March. Prepare to parade in Red Square”.

He also has admitted that he is pleased with the victory of football club “Dnepr”, “as if the goal was scored “Dnepr-1”.

Earlier, Yuri Berioza in the Ukrainian TV channel declared territorial claims to Russia. In his view, the disputed territory may be Russian Kuban.

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  1. that is very stupid, Ukraine can’t expect to attack Russia and get away with it.

  2. How many insane people are in the World? How can a hare fight with a lion? Do not kill the Ukrainian people. As people they are good people. They want peace. The war will end before you start moving. No one thinks the Russian army will be mobilized to fight you. The guns will reach there from where they are.

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