U.S. authorities accused three Russians of espionage

The Prosecutor’s office of the New York southern district has accused three Russians of espionage on behalf of Russia. One of them, who had been in the United States, was detained. According to the prosecutors, Evgeniy Buryakov, Igor Sporyshev and Viktor Podobniy have been accused of collecting data on possible sanctions, U.S. energy and the other information of economic nature.

The Prosecutor’s office of the New York southern district has accused three Russian citizens of the implementation of intelligence activities on behalf of the Russian Federation on the territory of the United States. One of them is a 39-year-old New York bank employee Evgeniy Buryakov was arrested today in Bronx. The two other diplomats Igor Sporyshev and Victor Podobniy had left US before being accused.

Sporyshev and Podobniy who in the opinion of the Prosecutor’s office from 2012 had been trying to collect the economic information in New York “are no longer in the USA and have not been arrested.” It is also reported that “according to their former positions in the U.S., they both had diplomatic immunity “.

“Their official appointment on behalf of Russia release them from informing the US Attorney General about the true nature of their work” – said the Prosecutor’s office.

Among the evidence that allegedly indicate detainee Evgeniy Buryakov’s involvement in espionage the indictment called a simple Internet search. The indictment states that Buryakov looked on the Internet the words “sanctions, Russia, consequences» and «sanctions, Russia, influence.”

The reaction of the Embassy

The Russian Consulate General in New York said that diplomats are aware of the arrest of Russian citizen on suspicion of spying for Russia. “We know about this situation, we will begin to take actions after receiving notification about the detention of Russian citizen from the American side “, – said the representative of the Russian Embassy. According to the diplomat, after receiving appropriate notice the consular officer will visit the citizen of the Russian Federation at the place where he is held.

The Russian Embassy in the United States is currently examining the information about the charges presented to Russians.

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