Palmyra is liberated again. There is the turning point in the war in the Middle East


The army of Syria with the support of Aerospace Forces of the Russian Federation has completed the operation for the liberation from militants of the ancient city. Now Damascus controls more than a third of the country destroyed by the war. Terrorists everywhere have left the damned “surprises”: the roads and buildings are mined. The soldiers of the Syrian army are looking over the ruins of the city in search…


The second liberation of Palmyra is imminent


The Syrian army once again has a success, primarily in terms of the attack on Palmyra, a full return of which can be expected in the spring. The Syrian government army successfully and virtually unopposed moved to a distance of three kilometers from the “Palmyra triangle” and took a few key heights, entering in visual contact with the positions of militants in the West of the city. The offensive of…


Britain is shocked by Russia’s decision to block a resolution on Syria: Rycroft


Russia and China, as the permanent members of the UN security Council and parties of the Convention on chemical weapons, are solely responsible for taking action against the use and proliferation of chemical weapons, said the British permanent representative to the UN Matthew Rycroft. Diplomat commented the decision of Moscow and Beijing to veto a resolution on Syria. Rycroft noted that the UK was shocked by the fact that Russia…