Harrowing photos of children injured in Syrian war

Distressing images from Syrian city Douma show children receiving treatment following an airstrike The deadly attack comes just six days after a picture of five-year-old Omran Daqneesh, who was seen dazed and soaked in his own blood in an ambulance after his home in Aleppo was destroyed, shook the world.


Uninterrupted cycle of violence: Iraq executes 36 militants

Amnesty International called on Iraq to introduce a moratorium on the death penalty immediately and remove capital punishment from the country’s legislation. A human rights group said in a statement, that the execution of 36 individuals found guilty of taking part in the massacre of over a thousand of soldiers in 2014 would just perpetuate the vicious cycle of violence in the country. Earlier, Iraqi Justice Minister Haidar Zamili said that the…


SHOCK: ISIS executes six people by boiling them in vats of tar

Six people have been put to death by Isis – by being immersed in boiling vats of tar, it’s been reported. The gruesome act was carried out in public at an Isis command centre in al-Shora in Iraq, ‘with the aim of inciting fear among the citizens’. These men, from Mosul, were accused by Isis of being spies for the Iraqi government.  


BREACKING:ISIS recruitment forms reveal 70% of members have hardly any knowledge of Islam

Leaked ISIS documents have shown that 70 per cent of recruits have hardly any knowledge of Islam and that some even had to read ‘The Koran for Dummies’ to learn about the religion. An analysis of recruitment forms from the terror group has revealed that many of is militants do not even have a basic knowledge of the Koran or hadith – the sayings and actions of the Prophet Muhammad….


ISIS victims burn their hated niqabs on the street and joyfully reveal their faces in public

Syrians have been pictured celebrating after they were liberated from ISIS rule in a northern stronghold in the country. A woman was seen smiling in Manbij as she burned a niqab she was forced to wear by the Islamic State regime while another man could not stop beaming as he had his beard cut. The outpour of emotion came after the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), an Arab-Kurdish force backed by…


Caught red-handed: ISIS beasts try to flee battlefield in Syria dressed as women (VIDEO)

A group of ISIS fighters were caught red-handed trying to escape from a fierce battle – dressed as women. The terrorists, all wearing full black veils, were captured as they attempted to run from the besieged town of Manbij in northern Syria. But members of the Syrian Democratic Forces, which is trying to liberate the town from ISIS, saw through the disguise and arrested them.


EXCLUSIVE: Syrian army regains control of strategic pipeline

The Syrian Army troops and units of the National Defense have jointly continued to move eastward into the desert area of al-Salamiyah, taking control of strategic points along the oil pipeline in al-Badia, which was under the control of ISIS terrorists. In recent days, in the east of the city,fierce fighting between Syrian government forces and ISIS was ongoing. The battle raged for the opening of the front to the east of al-Salamiyah, after government forces drove the Daesh militants from Palmyra and al-Sukhnah.


Syrian opposition asks US-led coalition to stop airstrikes after mass civilian casualties

The head of Syrian opposition group, the Syrian National Coalition (SNC), urged the US-led coalition to suspend its aerial campaign against Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) after reports that air strikes resulted in dozens of civilian deaths. The coalition strikes should be halted while French and US-led incidents involving heavy civilian casualties, which occurred in the area around the northern Syria city of Manbij, are being investigated, SNC’s president, Anas…


Due to Russian jets syrian troops recapture 586 settlements

According to Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu, syrian military supported by Russian jets and artillery strikes have recaptured from terrorists 586 settlements. “With active aircraft and artillery support of the Russian group, Syrian troops have ceized back 586 settlements, including 150 cities and more than 12,000 square kilometers of land. This gave possibility for 264,000 refugees to return to the places of their permanent domicile,” the minister said at a…


Asad: US wants to control and uses terrorists for its own benefits

The United States is not really interested in defeating terrorists in Syria as it really wants “to control and use them,” Syrian President Bashar Assad told NBC News in an exclusive interview, denouncing the US air strikes as “counterproductive.” According to Assad, evidence shows that the US lacks actual will to fight  ISIS and other terrorist groups in Syria because the actions of the US-led coalition did not prevent terrorist…