The Syrian conflict: Some details of negotiations in Astana


Russia, Turkey and Iran welcome the separation of terrorists and groups of armed opposition and plan to jointly fight against militants of the ISIS and the al-Nusra terrorists groups. It was said in a draft communique due to be signed after the Astana negotiations. Also in this document was noted that Russia, Turkey and Iran plan to set up a trilateral mechanism to monitor the ceasefire in Syria. “We are…


About the situation in various areas of conflict.


In the valley of Wadi Barada in Damascus province, an agreement was set on a ceasefire. The special unit of the Syrian armed forces “Shield” conducted a unique operation near Palmyra reported by a military news Agency (FAN) in Syria Ahmad Marzouq. Damascus Province It was reported in the media that in the valley of Wadi Barada in the Northwest of Damascus, a final agreement between the Syrian government and…


About some progress in settling the Syrian crisis


Some progress has been made in settling the Syrian crisis. About this fact at the opening of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) member states’ political consultations said Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. According to him, the international situation remains rather complex. “An unprecedented growth of terrorist activities causes high concern, over a short time period, it has become the main threat to global stability,” Lavrov stressed. “Deadly terror attacks carried…


Militants in Syria are losing their positions


The day is not far off when militants in Syria will cease to terrorize the civilian population. Someone will seem that it is too early to make optimistic forecasts, but why not? Today the situation in Aleppo is stabilized. Of course, not without the help of  Russia, this important city was completely liberated from the radicals. It goes without saying that Russian Air Force became the most effective force against…


Russia calls on international humanitarian organizations to help Syrians with medicines


According to the  spokesman  of the Russian Defense Ministry, Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov, this department calls on international humanitarian organizations to provide 73 settlements in Syria with medicines, because the aid being provided by Russia cannot satisfy the need in medicament and medicines of resident of those settlements. “The Russian Defense Ministry calls on the international humanitarian organizations that expressed their wish to help Syrians to start help Syria people…


Washington wanted to overthrow Assad by the hands of “ISIS” and “Jabhat al-Nusra”


Washington wanted to use the ISIS and Jabhat – al-Nusra terrorist groups to overthrow Syrian President Bashar Assad. About this fact said Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. “There are a lot of examples showing that the Americans and their allies sneakily wanted to use al-Nusra and the ISIS to weaken and finally overthrow the Assad regime. That is why they were quite reserved in implementing their stated goal of fighting…


The tragedy of Mosul: Geopolitics and political games


They wanted to recover Mosul very quickly. It`s not a secret for anyone that Americans were planning to “liberate” this city to end Obama`s presidency on a winning propagandistic note and strengthen the starting position of his successor. Special services of the USA and Saudi Arabia figured out a brilliant plan: they decided to organize for militants of ISIS a corridor to let them escape out from Mosul before started…


Political solution of Syrian crisis is closer: All hopes on meeting in Astana


On January 5th the official website of the United Nations published UN Security Council resolution number 2336, which was adopted on the night from December 31 to January 1. In this resolution approved the Russian-Turkish agreement on Syria. The draft resolution was unanimously adopted, although some of the members of the Council tried to give their interpretation of the adopted document. What does the resolution 2336 mean? It authorizes the…


About the lack of assistance to Aleppo civilians from UN


Russia’s Defense Ministry is surprised by a lack of assistance to civilians in Aleppo from international organization, though the city has been liberated from militants for a month already, spokesman of the Russian Defense Ministry Major General Igor Konashenkov said on Saturday. “Surprisingly, after the period of super-close attention to Aleppo from international organizations, involved in humanitarian demining, a month later there are no initiatives to offer assistance to the…


Black New Year in Syria


  New Year. Someone of us has a magnificent richly laid table, someone – quite modest. Despite our problems, we wished each other happiness, success, prosperity … And friends from Syria wrote: “We need – water! “” And a little bit of fuel”. Over the hours they had electricity, they had an opportunity to share their trouble with the world. But the world is deaf, except the cases when it…