The situation in Syria. In Aleppo the public transport and water supply have it coming

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Despite the fact that the situation in Syria remains tense, in the liberated cities and towns the peaceful life is gradually getting better. Recently it became known that public transport has resumed its work in Aleppo. Before the war in the largest city in Syria (population of Aleppo in 2004 was about 2 million people) operated an extensive transportation network, which has practically stopped the work because of the occupation…


USA are sure to capture Raqqa without Russia


The victory in Mosul had to turn back to the US as a political triumph. But the assault operation still only demonstrates the helplessness of the US army to the whole world. Since the first days of the offensive operation it became clear that the capture of the Iraqi capital of ISIS is not so easy task. “For the first two weeks of carrying out the assault operation in Mosul…


Army restores control over new areas near Palmyra, foils ISIS attack in Deir Ezzor


Provinces, SANA- Army and Armed Forces units reestablished control over new areas south of Palmyra city in Homs province, and destroyed gatherings and positions of ISIS terrorists in Deir Ezzor province. Deir Ezzor SANA’s reporter said that army units  clashed with terrorist groups affiliated to ISIS after midnight on Sunday when the the terrorists attempted to infiltrate the surroundings of Deir Ezzor Airport and Liwa al-Tamin, killing a number of terrorists while the…


International efforts to resolve the conflict in Syria


  The “Moscow platform” of the Syrian opposition calls to convene a meeting of the three Syrian opposition platforms to form one delegation, Hamza Monzer, the leader of the Moscow platform’s delegation, said after consultations with United Nations Secretary General’s Special Envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura. “We believe it is necessary to call a meeting of all three opposition platform in order to create one delegation. I would like…


McCain’s secret visit to Syria


The American republican senator John McCain made a secret visit to the Syrian city of Kobani last week in order to discuss the fight against the terrorist group Islamic state. The source noted that McCain who also occupies the post of head of the Senate Committee on armed forces, during the visit intended to discuss with the U.S. military and the Kurds, the release operation of the ISIS “capital” –…


Syrian War: Western media doesn’t want you to know the truth


  French volunteer Pierre Le Korf, a founder of the humanitarian initiative, said that the Western media is biased in the coverage of the crisis in Syria, they supported terrorist organizations and pursued a policy of “double standards”, based on fabricated news and distorted facts, they tried to legalize the actions of these terrorist organizations and hide their crimes. In the open letter to the French president Francois Hollande, which…


Survey: The US citizens improved attitude toward Russia


The attitude of US citizens toward Russia has changed for the better compared to 2015. Four Americans out of 10 having a favorable opinion of Russia. “After reaching a new low in 2015, Americans’ impressions of Russia have recovered somewhat this year, with 30% viewing the country favorably versus 24% in 2015”, Gallup stated in a press release accompanying the poll. According to the poll, 65 % of those US…


Arrival of US ground troops in Syria is the breakdown of a political settlement of crisis


Recent US media reports have suggested that the Pentagon might propose sending ground combat forces into Syria “to speed up” the fight against ISIS. Commenting on these contemplations, Syrian political leader Khalaf al-Muftah said that the decision will jeopardize all Syrian government efforts to settle the conflict politically. “The foreign intervention is rejected by all Syrian political forces, as it will only escalate tensions and re-instigate the conflict. Interference will…


New victims of Syrian war: Four Russian servicemen killed in car blast

ALEPPO, SYRIA - DECEMBER 23, 2016: Military engineers of the Russian Armed Forces International Mine Action Centre clearing eastern Aleppo of mines. Russian Defence Ministry/TASS

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Four Russian military advisers were killed and another two were wounded in a vehicle blast in Syria, the Russian Defense Ministry reported on Monday. The vehicle was blown up as a vehicular column of the Syrian troops was moving from the Tiyas military airbase towards Homs, the ministry said. “On February 16, 2017, four Russian servicemen were killed in the Syrian Arab Republic as their vehicle hit a remote controlled…


Qatar is interested in joining talks Astana on the inter-Syrian settlement


Doha shares Moscow’s stance that it is only up to the people in Syria to decide on the country’s future president, Russian Ambassador to Qatar Nurmakhmad Kholov. «As we have repeatedly told our partners, the issue of Bashar Asad’s presidency in Syria is not in the competence of Russia or Qatar or any other country. This issue must be decided by the Syrian people only by means of transparent and…