New shocking revelation: Pentagon admits striking on the Syrian mosque


Representatives of the Central Command (CENTCOM) of the US Armed Forces acknowledged that on March 16 US aviation struck on a structure of Syrian village of Al-Jin that was a part of the mosque. Such a conclusion was made in the course of the investigation conducted by CENTCOM. The sphere of operational responsibility of this agency is primarily the Middle East. Earlier, a number of media outlets claimed that as…


Russia continues to support Syrians, who are not leaving their soil despite the terrorists’ atrocities


According to the daily bulletin of Russian Center for reconciliation of the warring parties, Russian servicemen have carried out two humanitarian operations over the past 24 hours, delivering 4.9 tonnes of aid to the Syrian citizens. “Within last 24 hours, the Russian Center for reconciliation of opposing sides has held 2 humanitarian events in the Aleppo and Damascus provinces. Some 2,700 citizens have received humanitarian aid. Total weight of humanitarian…


US air strike on a Syrian air force- a generous gift for terrorists


The US air strike on a Syrian air force base in Homs became a “generous gift” for terrorists in Syria, Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov said on his Instagram page. “The blood of civilians was spilled by missiles from their (US) warships in a generous gift for the ISIS. The exhausted army of Syrian President Bashar Asad lost up to ten aircraft. The way was cleared for terrorists,” Kadyrov said. However,…


Aleppo after the end of fighting: Сhildren about the life under the yoke of jihadists (VIDEO)


The campaign to liberate eastern Aleppo resulted in the destruction of many schools. Media and officials rushed to blame the Syrian government and their Russian allies of deliberately targeting the places of learning. Now, with the smoke from the fighting cleared, journalists have discovered that the schools were actually occupied by jihadists. During last year’s campaign to liberate eastern Aleppo from jihadist militants, more than half of its schools were…


The end of the Turkish adventure in Syria


  Turkey announced the end of operation «Euphrates Shield». But was the game worth the candle? Of course, the Official Ankara reported on full and unconditional success. “As a result of the special operation, more than 2,000 square kilometres have been liberated in the north of Syria. At the moment local residents are coming back home, while control over the territory has been passed to the Free Syrian Army,” Turkish…


Support the Kurds is an element of US double strategy in Syria


Washington has pursued a two-pronged strategy in Syria, trying to tackle ISIS and weaken President Bashar al-Assad and his allies by supporting the Kurds, but these goals risk canceling each other out. Although many have hoped that the new US administration would readjust its approach to Syria, Donald Trump’s policy appears to be similar to the one carried out by the Obama administration. It entails among other things empowering the…


Again innocents: US-led coalition kills hundreds of civilians in Raqqa


The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights believed the strike was carried out by the American  coalition. Hundreds of civilians were killed in an air strike delivered by the US-led coalition on the town of Mansura in the Raqqa province in north Syria, the news agency Anadolu reported on Wednesday. According to the agency’s data, the air strike targeted a school housing displaced people. Meanwhile a group of activists а  «Raqqa…


The Syrians captured arsenal with British missiles near Damascus


Today, the Syrian military source reported on the unexpected for the terrorist raid in the province of Damascus, near the neighborhoods of the Syrian capital. The main priority of the army of Bashar al-Assad was the interception of the jihadists vehicle, which was loaded by a large quantity of ammunition for small arms and other various weapons, including missiles of British production. According to a military source, the soldiers of…


The United States and Turkey will face off in Syria


In the center of this conflict, the Kurds, whom Ankara considers terrorists, and Washington is the key force in the struggle against the radicals The United States and Turkey can start the clashes in Syria due to the fact that Washington and Ankara have different agenda in the conflict in that country, and relate differently to the Syrian Kurds. If the White house consider them to be the most effective…


ISIS militants use drones with explosives


The victims of the ISIS terrorists in the East of the Iraqi Mosul were, nine civilians, and another 14 were wounded, according to Anadolu news Agency, citing major General in the Iraqi army, Abdulmehdi Kerim Amiri. According to him, the terrorists sent to freed by security forces neighborhoods of Mosul drones with explosives. The attack of  ISIS terrorists in the area of Karaj in the East of Mosul killed two…