The Trial of Trump and his staff — the beginning of the American paralysis


The news that spectracolor Mueller want to gather the so-called Grand Jury in order to investigate the electoral cooperation of the Trump’s headquarters with Russia, caused a storm of delight for those for whom the defeat of Hillary Clinton was an existential catastrophe. They opened a prospect of further impeachment Trump and American foreign policy in a much more aggressive mode, involving, for example, military intervention in Syria, which was…


The White House has accused Assad of preparing a new chemical attack


  The white house accused the Syrian authorities in preparing the new chemical attack and warned of possible action by the United States. “The United States sees potential preparations for another attack with the use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime, which may lead to mass death of civilians, including innocent children. Actions such as those that were carried out before the attack using chemical weapons on April 4,…


Israel attacked the positions of Syrian troops on the border in response to the random shelling


The Israeli military once again attacked the positions of Syrian artillery and machine with ammunition in response to several shells which exploded in the Israeli-controlled Golan heights, reported the press service of the army. This is the second border incident of this  kind in two days. The Syrian military suppose that,  the shells accidentally flew across the dividing line during the fighting between government forces and opposition groups. There are…


The Pentagon has promised Turkey to deprive the Kurds weapons after defeating of ISIS


  The US promised to provide Ankara with a list of weapons supplied to the Kurdish forces and ensure their return after completion of the operation for the liberation of the Syrian city of Raqqa. It was reported by the press service of the defense Ministry of Turkey. It is clarified that the Pentagon chief James Mattis said in a letter to the Turkey Minister of defense Fikri Ishiku. The…


The United States sent to Syria a group of officials


The administration of US President Donald Trump sends to Syria a group of civilians to try to return stability to the regions liberated by US-backed opposition from the militants of the terrorist group “Islamic state”. According to the newspaper, the group consists of seven people. It is composed of representatives of the US state Department and the security personnel, who have already arrived in Syria. The purpose of the mission,…


The Ministry of defense reported of cruise missiles impact on targets in Syria


The ships of the naval fleet attacked with the cruise missiles “Caliber” on the terrorist group “Islamic state” in Syria. The frigate “Admiral Essen”, “Admiral Grigorovich” and the submarine “Krasnodar” Russia’s Navy launched six cruise missiles “Caliber” on the terrorist group ISIS in Syria from the Eastern part of the Mediterranean sea. Submarine “Krasnodar” has carried out launches of cruise missiles from a submerged position”. They stroke the control centers…


Macron does not see the legitimate successor to Assad in Syria


He added that Paris will not allow the use of chemical weapons to stay unpunished. France does not consider the overthrow of President Bashar al-Assad as a prerequisite for resolution of the six-year conflict in the country. — My new perspective on this issue is that I don’t say that the discharge of Bashar al-Assad is a precondition, because no one showed me the legitimate successor, — quotes the words…


Washington creates another Kosovo in the Middle East


Today in the Middle East, where international law is offset to zero, the legitimation of the American presence is no longer required. In fact, the United States behave as they want, in the space between Syria and Iraq, pulling in their game the Kurds who caught in a desperate situation. Of course, the authorities of Syria and Iraq against the “self-determination” of the territories of these countries. But who cares…


The SAR commanding has revealed details of a powerful air strike on the location of ISIS in Raqqa


  Syrian military aircraft attacked several positions of the armed Islamists, located in the Western part of the region of Raqqa, where heavy fighting with the terrorists take place. This became known from the statement of SAR military command source, quoted by the Agency SANA. According to the information, the aircraft attacked areas controlled by ISIS in localities of Deir-Mlekh, Debsi Afnan and al-Qadisiyah. The result of the assault was…


Double standards policy: New evidence of Washington support for Islamists


Last week, Amnesty International revealed that the US Department of Defense had failed to keep tabs on more than $1 billion worth of arms and other military equipment in Iraq and Kuwait. The US army did not have accurate, up-to-date records on the quantity and location” of equipment earmarked for the Iraqi army, according to a government audit dated September 2016. The military transfers were under the auspices of the…