Syria: Thank you, Russia, China and Iran for help in the war on terror

European countries should follow the example of Russia, China and Iran and assist Syria in the war on terror, Aleppo Governor Hussain Diab said at a meeting with a parliamentary delegation comprising members of the Russian State Duma (lower house of parliament) and representatives of Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE). According to him, the blood of the fallen soldiers, officers and generals has become a beacon lighting…


About terrorist crimes committed in Syria

Damascus has documented proof of the crimes committed by ISIS and other terrorists, Syrian Justice Minister Najm al Ahmed said. He noted that the veracity of the documents had been proven by independent judicial committees and forensic experts. Syria is going to file a lawsuit with regional and internationals courts against the perpetrators of terrorist crimes in the country. Damascus has enough documents on its hands indicating that the terrorists are…


ATTENTION: A sharp increase of terrorist activity observes in Syria

In Syria began to observe another round of intensity of the situation. The militants of different groups not only started fighting actively against Syrian government forces, but also embarked on a new phase of terror against the civilian population. To the north of the Syrian city of Hama militants of “Dzhebhat en-Nusra” and  similar groups attacked several settlements. In order to intimidate the local population the terrorists used the usual…


Again innocents: US-led coalition kills hundreds of civilians in Raqqa

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights believed the strike was carried out by the American  coalition. Hundreds of civilians were killed in an air strike delivered by the US-led coalition on the town of Mansura in the Raqqa province in north Syria, the news agency Anadolu reported on Wednesday. According to the agency’s data, the air strike targeted a school housing displaced people. Meanwhile a group of activists а  «Raqqa…


«White Helmets» – a front for Islamic terrorism

Syrian President Bashar Assad told the controversial nonprofit «White Helmets», calling it a front for Islamic terrorism, and saying they are an example of Western narratives grotesquely distorting the truth about the conflict in the country. “White Helmets are Al Qaeda members and that’s proven on the net. The same members are killing or executing or celebrating over dead bodies, at the same time they are humanitarian heroes, and now…


Thousands of syrians receive humanitarian support from Russia

Officers of the Russian Center for Reconciliation of the opposing sides carried out seven humanitarian missions in Syria’s Latakia Governorate and Aleppo Governorate in the past 24 hours, the Center said in an information bulletin. “Over the past 24 hours, as many as 3,300 civilians received humanitarian aid totaling 2.7 tonnes,” the bulletin reads. In particular, a total of 1.2 tonnes of bread and 300 food sets were distributed in…


Nothing changes…

Do you remember, that  during the election campaign Donald Trump promised to deal quickly with the terrorists of ISIS, once and for all? So, at the end of January the new US President instructed the Pentagon to develop a plan for the fight against militants. In particular, the Pentagon had to bring in new allies to make things happen faster and more efficiently, i.e. to identify the “new coalition partners…


A few questions about the meeting in Antalya

On 6 March, the Chief of General Staff of the United States, Turkey and Russia held a meeting in Antalya with the aim of coordinating the fight against ISIS. The American plan to use the Kurdish Protection units in the operation to          drive ISIS from Raqqa Ankara did not supported. Party of Syrian Kurds “Democratic Union” the Turkish government considers as a terrorist organization and offer to the Americans…


The new US administration is not in a hurry to join the fight against terrorism in Syria

On 10 March in the Syrian capital as the result of terrorist attacks on hotels in Damascus, on the Iraqi Shia pilgrims 46 people were killed and 120 people were injured. Responsibility for explosions have taken the group Levant Swords, part of the so-called Free Syrian army (FSA), which a few days ago agreed to a truce near Homs but continued mortar and rocket shelling of neighborhoods in Damascus. The…


Syrian Army advances near Damascus, killing the militants

The Syrian Army is trying to dislodge the militants from suburbs of Damascus and to restore the control over all the suburbs of the capital, lost in 2012. Syrian Arab army continues to attack the positions of armed groups in the Eastern suburbs of Damascus — al-Kabun Haraszti and Barzov. 42 brigade of the Republican guard of SAA on Thursday started an offensive operation with missile and artillery attacks on…