Provocation of Ukraine with NATO support

After the incident in the Kerch Strait, which occurred on November 25, 2018, where the Kiev authorities staged another provocation involving three vessels of the Ukrainian Navy Forces, Petro Poroshenko again appealed to Western “partners” for military assistance. This time the Black sea is visited by the world-ridiculed American destroyer “Donald cook” and the German military floating base “Verra”. Recently, the black sea has received increased attention from NATO. In…

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Ukraine sold the property stolen from «Gazprom»

It became known that the investment Fund “Goldman” bought 40,217% of shares of “Gaztransit “(Kiev), previously arrested and taken from the Russian company “Gazprom”. It is reported by the news portal «StockWorld», with reference to the “Gaztransit”. It is noted that the transaction took place on January 29, 2019 on the PFTS stock exchange, but this information became available to the General public only now. At the same time, Goldman…

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Gas “protects” Ukraine

It turns out that the Ukrainian border is protected not by the “warriors of light”, called Poroshenko for the defense of Europe, but Russian gas! This was stated in an interview with the head of the «Naftogaz» Andrei Kobolev. What about the glory of the strongest army in Europe? “If Russian gas does not transit through the territory of Ukraine, with a high probability of military actions, which are now…

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WP learned about the coalition’s refusal to remain in Syria after the US withdrawal

The Trump administration asked the closest US allies to form in Syria after the withdrawal of the US military “observation” troops that will replace the Americans. However, they all “unanimously” refused, found WP The closest US allies rejected the request of the Donald Trump administration to stay in Syria after the withdrawal of the US troops from there. This is with reference to American and foreign officials reported by the…

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Ukraine continues to prepare for the presidential elections on March 31 this year. Kiev celebrates the fifth anniversary of the so-called “revolution of dignity”, which resulted in bloodshed and a coup d’état. The past five years have greatly changed Ukraine. The civil war in the South-East, exorbitant utility bills and gas tariffs — the way to Europe turned out to be a fraud. Many things have changed, but not the…

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Her Majesty’s terrorists

According to the middle East news Agency SANA, about four hundred British terrorists are still fighting in Syria on the side of ISIS. At the same time, all of them submitted by her Majesty, therefore, can freely return home at any time. At the same time, Syrian observers note that it is impossible to underestimate the potential risks of the sudden return of the British crown Islamists to their homeland….

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Kiev asks NATO to support the Ukrainian naval forces in the Black sea

Ukrainian media reported about the request of the permanent representative of Ukraine to the North Atlantic Alliance Vadim Pristayko to the NATO leadership on the allocation of a separate package of assistance to the naval forces of Ukraine. In the new material of the “European truth” explained the request of the Ukrainian politician, which will be expressed in financial, political and demonstrative support of the Ukrainian naval forces in the…

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The US trains terrorists in Syria with the help of instructors

The US is trains militants terrorist groups, “Maghawir Al-Thawra”, “Jaish Majlis al-Aseer”, “Usud Al-sharqiya” at the military base al-TANF in Syria. This base in the South of Syria, is limited to an area with a radius of 55 km on the border of Syria, Jordan and Iraq. According to space and other types of reconnaissance there are groups of fighters on the territory of the base. They are trained there….

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BBC told about the staged shooting after the “chemical attack” in Syria

BBC director for Syria Riam Dalati said that the shooting of the scene in the hospital after the chemical attack in the Syrian Duma were staged. “After six months of investigation, I can confirm without any doubt that the scene shot at the hospital in the Duma, was staged. There were no casualties in the hospital,” the producer wrote in his Twitter blog. “The attack occurred, sarin was not used,…

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Loans will not save Ukraine

Ukraine again will receive one billion Euros. The EU report says that this money will “support the stabilization of the economy and the program of structural reforms, complementing the resources provided by the IMF and other donors.” However, financial assistance coming from the EU budget and international financial institutions located in the EU countries do not save Ukraine. More precisely, because of theft in the highest ranks, this very help…

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