American whip for Erdogan

The US warned Turkey that reinforcements from US-controlled Kurdish territories arrive to Afrin. Declaring a strategic partnership, the Pentagon does everything possible to prevent the Turkish Armed Forces from launching an attack on Manbage, where the US military are situated. This would lead to an escalation between Ankara and Washington. In northern Syria, the military operation of Turkey “Olive Branch” continues, in which dozens of Turkish military and hundreds of…

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Preparation of the provocation of the White Helmets is on the video

On February 12, the Russian Center for Reconciliation of Warring Parties in Syria reported on the possible preparation of provocations by militants in the province of Idlib. According to information provided by Russia’s Defense Ministry, about 6 pick-ups with armed guards arrived in the province of Idlib, about 20 cylinders with an unknown substance were in the trunks of three cars. The Ministry of Defense confirmed the information about receiving…

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Russian Coordination Center: Al-Nusra terrorists are preparing chemical weapons to be used against civilians

Russian Coordination Center in Hmeimim said that Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists, in cooperation with so-called White Helmets, are preparing and circulating for the use of chemical weapons against civilians in Idleb to accuse the Syrian forces of this act. The center stated that one of the civilians in Saraqeb, in Idleb countryside, informed the center about data that Jabhat al- Nusra terrorists are preparing for a provocation by using chemical weapons…

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Al-Jaafari: The main task of US-led coalition is supporting terrorists in Syria

Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari said that the US, France and Britain have made every effort to undermine Syria and its people. “Armed terrorist groups have consistently used civilians as human shields and in the last 20 days Damascus has been targeted with 1000 shells,” al-Jaafari said at a UN Security Council session on Syria. He added that supporting terrorists in Syria is the main task…

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Washington tries to save its “allies”

The Secretary-General of the United Nations (UN), Antonio Guterres, called for an immediate ceasefire in Syria for a period of one month. According to the UN press service, Guterres made this statement after the escalation of the conflict between the Israeli Armed Forces and the Syrian Arab Army began on the Israeli-Syrian border. It’s time to be surprised. Why the UN Secretary-General suddenly began to worry about the peaceful population…

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The US complains that Russia prevents them from fighting the ISIS in Syria

The US complains that Russia prevents them from fighting the ISIS in Syria Representatives of the Pentagon voiced the opinion that Russia’s military presence in the Syrian Arab Republic complicates the conduct of coalition operations led by the US against the terrorist organization “Islamic State.” This became known from the report of the General Inspectorate of the US Defense Ministry. The document also reports on “dangerous maneuvers” of Russian aircraft…

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Turkey warned about the possibility of “complete destruction” of relations with the US

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu criticized the United States on Monday, February 12, because of their current policy in Syria. According to the head of Turkish diplomacy, the US authorities “deliberately stopped” the fight against the terrorist group DAESH (“Islamic State”, ISIS), using this “as a pretext”, not to sever military ties with Kurdish militants in the north Syria, as required by Ankara. This is reported by the Associated Press…

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The US implements the Israeli plan for the partition of Syria – Yinon

The war in Syria has been going on since the beginning of 2011. According to the UN, since then, more than a quarter of a million people have been killed and more than 10 million have been displaced. However, the Syrian Center for Political Studies cites the death toll of more than 470,000 people. Greater Israel “demands the disintegration of the existing Arab states into small states.” The goal, arming,…

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Jordan handed to Jebhat an-Nusra the MANPADS

Quite unexpectedly, dozens of MANPADS «Igla» appeared in the hands of armed terrorist groups in the south of Syria. It is alleged that these missiles, which were not in Syria during the last few years, got there through Jordan, which colluded with the US forces of occupation and sent missiles to Syria. The Kingdom continues to remain a checkpoint for US forces, militants and weapons. It is also possible that…

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Victory over ISIS and God’s grace

For those who enjoy joking on Ministry of Defense and statements about the victory over ISIS. In connection with the famous Kremlin agent: President of the United States Donald Trump began a working day on February 8 with a speech at the Washington Hilton Hotel at a prayer breakfast, an annual event in which hundreds of guests from all over the world took part in Washington. The broadcast was conducted…

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