US will do everything for the dollar calculation

On April 4, the House of Representatives of the US Congress passed a resolution calling on the US President to stop American participation in the war that the KSA is leading in Yemen and which, according to UN Secretary General Anthony Guterres, has led to “the worst humanitarian catastrophe in recent history.” The initiator of this act was the American Congressman Bernie Sanders, a Democrat with leftist views, who was…

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Israel invades the sky of Lebanon

Israeli unmanned aerial vehicle once again violated Lebanese airspace. The UAV model MK, according to the Lebanese military, made reconnaissance flights at low altitudes over the region of Marjiyun in the south of the country. The violation was recorded by the UN peacekeepers mission located in Lebanon. Violations of the land, air and sea borders of Lebanon by Israel are recorded regularly. So, in December 2018, the Israeli Air Force…

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Crisis in Yemen

The destructive war and the subsequent humanitarian crisis in Yemen affected all regional countries, including Turkey. The Turkish government unanimously supported the operation of Saudi Arabia in Yemen in the spring of 2015. In addition, Recep Erdogan announced that Turkey is ready to provide logistical and intelligence support to the forces of the Arab Coalition. Under the circumstances, a sharp aggravation of relations between Turkey and Iran, supporting Yemen’s Hussites,…

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US military bases are not an alliance, but an occupation

Many believe that Italy is a strategic partner for NATO. Indeed, on the territory of Italy, the NATO base is located along with hundreds of American atomic bombs. Italy is the main location of the US ships in the Mediterranean, more than a dozen military bases – three naval (Naples, La Maddalena, Gaeta) and aircraft (Vicenza, Istrana, Gedi, Piacenza, Cervia, Ancona, Amendola, Brini, Sigonel, Trapani), altogether more than 23,000 people….

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Arrests made as protesters marching today at Wall Street as they participate in Occupy Wall Street while in Manhattan, New York on October 5, 2011.   Original Filename: _JXE9134.JPG

US military beat two refugees in Italy

Western media reported on the story of the beating of refugees in Italy. The reaction of foreign users of social networks to this incident was surprisingly encouraging. The incident occurred on May 5th. According to local media, American soldiers beat a local teacher and his son in southern Italy in the city of Taranto. According to local media reports, referred to by La Stampa, the military tried to infiltrate someone…

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Turks are shocked by their twin

From May 1 to May 5, within the framework of an agreement on military cooperation between Azerbaijan and Turkey, Azerbaijani-Turkish military exercises were held. Artillery mounts, armored vehicles, mortars, combat and transport helicopters of the Air Force were involved in the exercises, as well as air defense units and anti-aircraft missile units equipped with modern defensive complexes to protect airborne groups. The exercises were held at a military training ground…

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US allies got what they deserved: new riots break out in Syria

Dissatisfaction with the arbitrariness that continues to be observed by the US allies, led to numerous riots in the vast territory of Syria. The arbitrariness and cruelty of the US allies from the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) led to the fact that the local population, which turned out to be in the territories controlled by the American allies, began to openly express their displeasure and support for Damascus. As a…

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Idlibskiy rubezh: terroristy gotovyatsya k nastupleniyu

On April 24, during the 8th Moscow International Security Conference, Lieutenant-General Stanislav Gadzhimagomedov, Deputy Chief of the Main Operations Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, stated that the terrorists in the Idlib de-escalation zone could launch an offensive against the Syrian troops at any time. This is one of the largest and most effective terrorist groups operating in Syria – “Hayat Tahrir ash-Sham” (THSH, banned in…

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Do not forget. US supports IS

Back in 2017, the famous American journalist Thomas Friedman, on the pages of The New York Times, called on the United States to “continue to support the IG”, turning this terrorist organization into a tool for ousting Russia from Syria and, in general, the Middle Eastern region. Friedman proposed that the US government use IS as a “tool to advance its political and regional goals” in Levan. As an example,…

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Ukraine president offers Russians citizenship in snub to Putin

Volodymyr Zelenskiy, the comedian who last week won Ukraine’s presidential election, has dismissed an offer by Vladimir Putin to provide passports to Ukrainians and pledged instead to grant citizenship to Russians who “suffer” under the Kremlin’s rule. The Russian president on Saturday said Moscow was considering plans to make it easier for all Ukrainians to obtain Russian citizenship, after it earlier moved to grant passports in the country’s separatist east….

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